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NEW! Customized, top quality and absolutely affordable treatment. Color Lover by Framesi helps you retain your color 95% longer than with ordinary shampoos and conditioners.

Be Yourself Chill Paste
Framesi Molding Mud $18.95
Be Yourself Chill Paste
Wio Straight Balm $16.95
Be Yourself Chill Paste
BY Strong Hold Hydro gel $11.95
BY Slush Gloss $18.95
SO Stiff Extreme Hold Hairsprray $21.95
I.Dentity Hair.Force Instant Straightener
I.Dentity Instant Straightener $19.95
Color Lover Shampoo family
PRIMER 11 Intense $19.95

BIONAZA MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS for follow up at home (each 16 oz)

   Daily Shampoo     $19.95
   Daily Conditioner     $24.95
Hydrating Shampoo     $24.95
Hydrating Conditioner     $28.95
Intensive Shampoo     $24.95
Intensive Conditioner     $28.95
Diamond Shampoo     $24.95
Diamond Conditioner     $28.95

KeraHair contains fruit extract. For all hair types, adds shine, moisturizes, and repairs, retaining the color. For better results, both products should be used together.

ChocoHair contains cocoa extract. Heals, repairs, nourishes, and moisturizes, producing silky soft hair.
It is a great hydrating agent for dry and over processed hair.
For better results, both products should be used together.

KeraVino contains grape, acerola, and açaí berry extract. Helps regulate hair PH and controls the development of oil on the scalp. Recommended for oily hair, dandruff control, and a clean feel and sensation. For better results, both products should be used together.

Diamond Shampoo cleans without damaging the hair cuticle, acting externally to receive the properties contained in the conditioner.

Diamond Conditioner extends the Diamond Keratin treatment and hair color up to 100% longer, by giving it strength and softness, preventing split ends and thinning. An outer molecular layer of protection is formed, giving the hair flexibility and shine. Vitamins B3, B6, E and C act both internal and externally to fortify the hair, preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Recommended for hair that is weak and prone to breakage and loss.

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